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We Are Prophetic®

The Path: Our Patented Process

Our process consists of four steps: Seeing the future, telling the world, creating believers and attracting investors.Essentially: aligning a team, guiding them through authoring their future, mobilizing people in their organization not just to speak it, but to live it, and achieving growth. The following will reflect the truly unique combination of capabilities that have made us such a valuable partner to some of the world’s most well-known companies and organizations — an ability to implement clear, strategic vision and leadership, execute world class creative, acquire growth capital, and affect lasting change. In other words, we exist to help real products or services find real success in real markets — as opposed to getting them stuck in endless investment cycles.

01. See the Future

Permission to Dream

With our guidance, key stakeholders (executive leaders and key board members) collectively envision the future of their organization — essentially authoring a story that will transform promise into reality. It’s a method that uncovers the essence of a brand, place or organization and the philosophical underpinnings which will drive its development and differentiate it in the marketplace. It is equal parts logic, and magic. At its core, this step in our process allows us to dream — asking not just “what is?” but also “what if?”

02. Tell The World

Permission to Share

After we’ve collectively envisioned our future, and authored our story, we put the word out — expressing this story creatively and strategically in a variety of forms, across a variety of media, and to a variety of audiences.

03. Create Believers

Permission to Change

Guided by a collective vision and catalyzed by powerful storytelling, our aspirations for the future begin to materialize — inspiring and evangelizing those within our ranks, and those among our target audiences. This is the proverbial proof- and the profit – in the pudding. This phase is not only goal-oriented: “This is who we will become”, but results-oriented: “We’re already on our way”. It is also aesthetic and spiritual — as in: “This is who we really are. We feel better and work more effectively when we are true to this.”

04. Accelerate Growth

Permission to Thrive

Finally, we reach the point where our clients need institutional capital and a well-equipped sales team in order to fully realize the ultimate, agreed-upon vision —the organization’s true potential.

Here, we connect companies to capital via our experienced financial consultants. Whether a company is looking for additional debt, equity or a change of control transaction, we have all the necessary connections and resources to get the deal done.

Welcome to your future

Prophetic is a full-service branding agency in the value-creation business. We blend brand development and business development in our patented, future-focused process, that aligns teams and engages customers.

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For over 25 years we’ve been helping our clients design change that matters though our patented Envisioning process. We help spot opportunities in unmet customer needs, cocreating breakthrough products and services, and making organizations more innovative and agile.

SELECT Awards & Honors

We don't do work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.

Over the past 28 years our projects have won over 100 awards, from industry leading awards in Print, CA, How, Dwell, and Graphis, to top selling product awards for products we’ve launched to recognition by national and international bodies like the American Academy of Nursing, the National Health Awards, and Harvard Medical School. We appreciate the recognition we receive, but at the end of the day meeting and exceeding our client’s needs is our goal.

Sustainable Product Award
Global Health Award

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Esse Design Award

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