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HPE: Embodying Strength Through Massive Change

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Instilling Confidence in Customers and Internal Teams

When Hewlett Packard Company, the founders of Silicon Valley, split to form HP, Inc. and HP Enterprise, it sent shockwaves through the Tech Sector and beyond. CEO Meg Whitman justified the split—that the two companies, with very different businesses, would be would be “smaller and more nimble” to face the challenges of a changing tech landscape. Would it work? HPE would take HP’s enterprise business, and would remain the #1 server brand in the world… but would it last? Change is hard for everyone, but for the Blue Chip tech giant and it’s almost 200,000 employees, what would that mean for their future?

Through the split, our team worked with executives to communicate their confidence in the future of HPE, through their shows and events. Siegan and Gale had created the new HPE brand, but as a key vendor who produced the HPE shows, our team was tasked with “setting the brand on fire”. We pushed the envelope with what the brand guides allowed, creating new branded use cases, at a campaign level, for several areas in their $9B software division. We produced their Global Sales Kick Off, an internal event geared at uniting their sales force, where instilling confidence and “Accelerating Next” in their internal team was paramount. We also produced their Protect event, a customer event for their industry-leading security software platforms, instilling confidence in their enterprise software customers.

Sales Kick-Off Recap
Sales Kick-Off Recap

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