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Hedera: Branding a New Decentralized Era

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Open Project

Establishing Hedera as the “Facebook of Crypto”

In late January 2018 the founding team of the organization that would eventually be known as Hedera approached members of our team to create an inaugural event for them to launch their Hashgraph platform to the world. They had a dream of launching their truly groundbreaking technology from Time Square in early March. The only problem was all they had was their great technology, but they didn’t have a venue, they didn’t have a brand, no content, no video, no images, no slide decks, no music, no caterers, no streaming solution, no ticketing platform… could we do it? You bet. We love a challenge.


Making the Vision Believable to the Tune of $125 Million

The Playstation theatre at the Viacom building at the heart of Times Square was miraculously available for March 13th. We secured it on February 5th, and immediately launched a microsite for registration. In 36 days our teams and partners built out Hedera’s brand look, messaging, presentations, signage, videos, the company website, and more, all while planning the actual event.

What happened? The event went off without a hitch. The roughly 1000 seats at the event were filled with a who’s who of high-level investors, technologists, government officials, industry and media analysts. The live stream with started with over 40,000 viewers grew to over 80,000 quickly and then grew beyond that during the three hours of the event.

Not only did the event help generate $125 million in investment, but it generated a massive buzz, with some predicting that Hedera would become “The Facebook of crypto”.


From Launching the Company to Launching the Public Network

Beyond the event, members of our team helped build an internal marketing department at Hedera, continuing to establish and grow the Hedera Hashgraph brand, to tell the ever-developing story, to establish guidelines for the brand and a brand-central web portal to assure consistency in brand expression as the brand expanded globally. Our team also helped tell the growing story of the brand, building the world-class governing counsel, and launching the public network, and H-Bar Currency.

 Brand Video
Brand Video
H18 Teaser
H18 Teaser

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